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Thanks for all the advice. I do find it strange the season is in Feburary. Nice Pictures by the way, gets me excited. It's said that it is a very difficult hunt in New Mexico.

Recommend caliber for aoudad hunt

I have some interest in the hunt also. Good luck on the draw. Posted: Sun Feb 28, pm.

I hunted them in Sanderson, west Texas. The ranch I hunted was not as rugged as where you are going, but rugged enough, ha. I too would suggest your WM as they are indeed heavy muscled and very tenacious think "sheep phlegmatic" ha Yes, they so stink, even more so if you gut him! I gave the meat to the Mexican ranch hands It's what I call "pretty meat", but man oh man I'd have to be on the verge of starvation before I could hack it, ha.

Good luck to you, they are a worthy game animal. Posted: Mon Feb 29, pm. Posted: Tue Mar 01, pm.

Faulty breaker takes down North Water Well - The Van Horn Advocate

Grab some good glass. A really good friend out there was only able to get within 90 yards of a really nice one last year and missed with Archery equipment.

Depending on terrain you could be climbing straight up the most jagged rocks on earth, cactus, rattlesnakes, etc.. If you get drawn, and the hunt approaches, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call the Game and Fish office in the area of your hunt. They know where the the Barbary are at all times I am sure they will offer up some good intel.


I have hunted unit 34 in New Mexico for a number of years. We frequently go to the Forest Service Office and find a law enforcement ranger. They patrol the public lands and are generally chatty about where they see animals. I found the Forest Service folks in New Mexico to be friendly and cooperative toward hunters.

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I'm afraid I don't have any specific knowledge of unit Posted: Sat Mar 05, pm. From all that I have read or watched of hunting Aoudad, expect a tough and wary animal that will be a fun challenge to hunt. Be prepared for the reality of longer shots on an animal that is tenacious of life. I would recommend you use your with whatever load you feel most comfortable with.

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I would recommend a well constructed bullet in the gr weight, such as the PT or AB. Good Luck and have fun!

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Posted: Thu Mar 10, am. I've been very fortunate to have spent lots and lots of time hunting free range aoudad sheep here in West Texas, both in the Trans Pecos and caprock escarpment country NE of Midland, TX. We were happy to help them out, or at least try. My advice would be, as already mentioned, to bring the best glass you can afford to bring, get up on high spots, and glass, glass, and glass some more.

They blend in very well. I've killed loads of them with a 7mm Rem Mag with Nosler partitions and accubonds, a few Barnes X, and a few Hornady Interlokts. I've also killed them with a 7mm and partitiions and accubonds, and a few Hornady Interbonds. Good luck. As of press time, the Thrift Well remains out of service.

Motor parts have been shipped off for repairs.

Game Animals

Shortly after the Thrift Well went down, the North Water Well at the airport also went down due to a burned out breaker. City crews were able to retrieve the breaker from the South Well, which remains out of service, for the North Well to resume water service. Council asked Hudson to get quotes from ESS for further water well electrical repairs and damage control. Special thanks for their hard work were given to Hudson, Edward Torres, and their crews by Council members. Resolution NO. After lengthy discussion about banking procedures, Council approved Resolution NO. Malafronte told Council that the Council of Government grants for water well generators will be decided in February, The Van Horn Advocate.