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Doesn't sound much like the squeaking, flailing ferret to me. In the school year , Barty Crouch Jr , under the disguise of Alastor Moody , showed these three curses to his fourth year classes on spiders despite the Ministry's disapproval.

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Later, in fact, he claimed that he had permission to perform the Imperius Curse on students in order to teach them how to resist it, though it might also have been an excuse to get back into practise with it. The students under the curse were all completely under Crouch's command, and could not resist at the very least, performing physical feats that they would normally be unable or unwilling to do; Harry Potter was the only one who managed to resist the curse completely, if at all.

When Lord Voldemort took over the Ministry, the three curses were once again legalised: In fact, they were practised in Hogwarts as part of the curriculum in the Dark Arts class under the tutelage of Professor Amycus Carrow after Voldemort's death and the revolutionising of the Ministry under Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt , the three curses were once again forbidden, and many people under its influence felt like they were coming out of trances. Ironically, many Death Eaters, such as Lucius Malfoy , avoided imprisonment in Azkaban after Voldemort's first defeat in by claiming that they had been under the Imperius Curse.

Viktor Krum under the influence of the curse. Unlike the other Unforgivables, being subjected to the Imperius Curse — when adequately cast — is not an unpleasant experience, in fact, quite the opposite; the victim of an Imperius Curse is placed in a calm, trance-like state in which all feeling of responsibility and anxiety is banished drawing parallels to the real-world phenomenon of hypnosis , which is also often portrayed in fiction — albeit inaccurately [5] — of being capable of placing someone under the complete control of another by placing them in a theta state.

However, when Harry was Imperiused, he believed that his curse may not have been very strong, thus the sensation from casting a more powerful Imperius Curse may be more intense than the known account. An adequately Imperiused being is placed under the caster's total control and may be directed to do anything the caster wishes, including crimes such as murder, political corruption, embezzlement, and even suicide as exposited by Barty Crouch, Jr , disguised as Alastor Moody and teaching the unforgivable curses to a group of fourth year students at Hogwarts that included Harry Potter , where he explained " I could make her jump out a window, drown herself, or even launch herself down one of your throats ".

Also, whilst under the caster's control, the curse may also endow the victim with whatever skills that are required in order to complete the task at hand, such as increased strength or allowing them to cast spells far above their level. For example, when Imperiused, Neville Longbottom was able to perform a series of " quite astonishing gymnastics " under the curse that he would not normally be capable of.

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Bogrod 's in front blankness after being cursed by Harry Potter. For example, Madam Rosmerta , who had been Imperiused by Draco Malfoy sometime during the school year , was able to place Katie Bell under the Imperius Curse in an attempt to deliver a cursed necklace to Albus Dumbledore. It is also possible that Corban Yaxley Imperiused Pius Thicknesse to place other high-ranking members of the Ministry of Magic under the curse in order to facilitate the overthrow of Rufus Scrimgeour. When a correctly cast Imperius curse is terminated — for whatever reason — the victims become themselves again, as happened after the final defeat of Voldemort and the Death Eaters in the Battle of Hogwarts , when all of the people across the country who had been Imperiused by him or his supporters were released from the spell.

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