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Thank you! Just in time, George, an acquaintance with a shadowy reputation and no shortage of sex appeal, comes to the rescue. He reveals his true mission to her as part of an operation to catch those at the helm of this seedy venture. For her part, Carla agrees to spy on Harry, whom George believes to be involved somehow.

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Soon after Carla gives in to her desire for George, her husband appears and begs for forgiveness. The detailed accounts of criminal activity, apparently researched by the author, seem to belong to a story not wholly unearthed here, though admittedly, it would be difficult to fully serve these nonfictional elements without overpowering the interpersonal dynamics, which ultimately drive the narrative. There was a problem adding your email address.

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The same way Sharmeen Obaid is termed as an alien agent.

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Shoaib Mansoor is also there in this foreign agent list. I must say you have a vast knowledge in almost every field that we come across. Its always nice to hear from u..

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  6. And for Aisha, even I am afraid. Sharmeen, Shoaib and even Malala has got same comments of some US agent.

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    I hope that people of our country will realize that everything has to be taken in constructive way rather then heading towards destruction every possible time they come across with such controversial topics. About Sharmeen Obaid u can watch hasb-e-haal in which Azizi told the truth of her that how she manipulated the situation of the victim who played as protagonist in her documentary too. Sumbal on malala, I havent read her book, but its really sad and condemn-able if she or her father is criticizing Pak Army in USA.

    In Pakistan too many person criticize pak army, and its a fact that army and its wrong policies has a great role for the suffering of our country. But its a more bigger fact army is our strength and savior as well, it is our last hope.

    See a Problem?

    All the criticism on army is bearable as long as it is in Pakistan, outside Pakistan any criticism to our country or army will only give disrepect to pakistan and us. I have noticed indians in India criticize their country, government, but outside india they never criticize their country. Ideally same should be our behavior. The religious leaders and parties especially ullema-deoband were the biggest opponent of Quaid i Azam and creation of Pakistan and proudly call him Kafir-Azam.

    Asia Minute: India’s Rail Deception: Too Good to be True

    There is no widespread condemnation from some prominent section of ulemas of suicide bombings and other killings by militants in pakistan. On sharmeen her movie is not released in pakistan, nobody has watched it in pakistan but it is on the plight of women with acid burns.

    I live in lahore for more than 40 years, and believe me acid burn is a regular news, found in urdu newspaper every other day, atleast twice a week. But still everyone can has own opinion on her and her work. On waar, I totally agree with you, it is really sad that some notable journalists like Hamid Mir has criticized it and called it a propoganda funded by ISI, Waar has been a superhit and a step towards revival of a new cinema in pakistan. Its success is success of pakistani cinema.

    I am not saying that Army or everything else is just perfect in our country but its certainly our internal matter, nobody has the right to dishonor our army on bbc. Europe America India kia perfect hen??