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Joined: Dec 17, Posts: 51, He should have gotten the death penalty after that fake ID thing was exposed. We do not tolerate lying dammit. Joined: Nov 11, Posts: 43, I think that virtually all military universities have used a variation of the same honor code since their inception.

To say one school "stole" it from another is itself disingenuous.

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Joined: Nov 30, Everyone fuggin knows the honor code only applies to the classroom. Joined: Jun 6, Listen you Tebow hugging bible thumpers- I could give a horses butt about your outdated honor code.

THE CODE: Football's Unwritten Rules and Its Ignore-at-Your-Own-Risk Code of Honor

The only honor I seek is that which comes with having more points than the other team when the clock expires. Nobody cares how much class the loser has.

Joined: Dec 7, Posts: 11, The Aggie code of honor is an ideal to strive for. None of us are Aggies if that were the standard. Centex: Where's your Agtag? Breaking a rule!

JFF wasn't cheating when he parked his car the wrong direction. None of us are "cheating" when we get a speeding ticket. Taking steroids or using illegal equipment would be cheating since breaking those rules give you an unfair advantage over your opponents. Signing autographs for money, while breaking a NCAA rule, was put in place so that a booster couldn't cheat to get a superstar to join the school. Ian- it's hanging on the wall. Just checking.

The Football Code: Football's Unwritten Rules and Its Ignore-at-Your-Own-Risk Code of Honor

Joined: Dec 15, Posts: 15, On second thought, given that you care nothing for honor or truth, I'm gonna have to Rule 1 your diploma. I fear we have become what we once despised. Can we handle this?! Will we be Froddo or Gollum?

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Sherman was a "stand up guy" who couldn't win. Just retract it. You don't mean it. You, like the rest of us, are so greasing tired of this crap. Don't take the shortcut. It matters. You know it. Error rating book. Refresh and try again.

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Ahmad Rashad Foreword. Jerome Bettis Foreword. Mike Ditka Afterword. While the code has been around since the early days of the National Football League, it remains a taboo subject shrouded in secrecy. Under the threat of penalties, fines, and suspensions, players have to use stealth and ingenuity when retaliating against dirty players out on the field. Sure, bench clearing brawls will occur from time to time, but most of the revenge that goes on is behind the scenes.

Patience must be exercised when settling old scores, and the veterans will wait until the time is right to exact the justice they feel fits the crime. While the game has changed immensely over the years, one thing remains the same—the players still police themselves. Book Description Triumph Books, Condition: New.

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New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory GZ More information about this seller Contact this seller. Language: English. Brand new Book. An in-depth and behind the scenes to explore the history of football's unspoken expectations of all who are involved with the game each Sunday, this engaging look the inner workings of the sport of football includes interviews with more than current and former NFL players, coaches, front office employees and media personalities to examine how players go about their business on the field of play.

They explain why various "rules" are expected among players and what tactics are used during games. This work discusses the top controversies on the gridiron, including the New England Patriots illegally taping the Jets defensive coaches' signals in , wide receivers and defensive backs using stickum to help catch balls, offensive linemen using silicone to make it difficult for defensive players to grab their jersey, how Tony Mandarich beat steroid testing during his playing days, and Lawrence Taylor's career-ending hit on Joe Theismann on Monday Night Football in In addition to analyzing the reasons for controversial actions in football, Ross Bernstein elaborates further by covering the unspoken code of players, coaches, and even the referees.

Seller Inventory BTE Book Description Triumph Books. New copy - Usually dispatched within 2 working days. Seller Inventory B Seller Inventory AAG Book Description Condition: New.

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