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The brand of the company should be an image setter or trend setter for the company that can stick the customers with the brand Boeker, Role of corporate governance in strategic decision making Several previous studies have explored various antecedents of "ethical" decisions of the marketing strategy and processes.

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One study found that companies often do not follow normative models of marketing strategy decisions. This analysis showed that marketing decisions are not based on the quality of the mark, the rate of market growth, market size, market concentration, or the familiarity of the enterprise market. Subsequent research has found that the organizational structure and culture is the background to make the marketing strategy.

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Environmental analyses Of all the existing definitions of marketing we believe that the most successful is the one that says marketing is the art and science of selling to more people than we can contact you personally. Consumers are directly dealing with specific segments or we can find in global markets or mass. But what security is there wherever they are, we are likely to influence them and thus generate more sales.

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Each consumer will purchase unwittingly released by a different trigger, or put another way, your purchase will be generated by a marketing tool designed specifically to achieve this momentum. Product Marketing aspects of products in accordance with the specifications of their products or services, and how it relates to the end user needs.

In case of the Body Shop, the scope of a product generally includes supporting elements such as warranties, guarantees and product quality that is largely focused. The wide range of cosmetic product in the body shop is safe to use and are produced through natural resources that focuses the beauty of the customers. The cosmetic products of the body shop are more focused and are taken into account through the advertisements and promotional strategies.

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The Body Shop: Strategic Business Management

Hill, University of Washington Gareth R. Anita believes that shareholders should not have more rights than the employees, the community, and the environment. What do you think is the primary responsibility of a business organization? Is it to the shareholders, the employees, customers, or the community?


Explain your answer. Anita believed that "business should do more than make money, create decent jobs, or sell good products. Rather, business should help solve major social problems such homelessness, unemployment, and social alienation. Do you think that the only goal of business is to increase shareholders' value or to solve social problems as well?

Anita was against advertising claiming that "customers were so overmarketed that they became increasingly cynical about advertising which told them half truths or untruths. Do you agree with Anita that "to the vast majority of employees, profit is boring and that they did not care about it even if they get a piece of the action.

Does the composition of the Body Shop's board of directors constitute a strength or a weakness for the company? Evaluate the mission statement of the Body Shop.

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  5. Evaluate the Body Shop's vision statement. Evaluate the Body Shop's values statement. Evaluate the Body Shop's statement of objectives.