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By Paul Doiron

The material must also meet the pressure test and maximum pressure and temperature piping design specifications. The materials used for the steam trap body, cover, and other pressure-resistant parts are no different from those used in other types of valves.

Some examples are:. The maximum applicable pressure and temperature of the body material are not necessarily equivalent to the maximum operating pressure and temperature of the trap. For example, A cast iron has a maximum allowable pressure of 13 barg psig according to DIN standards, but 16 barg psig according to ASME standards. Also, stainless steel traps have recently become more and more popular because they are typically easier to maintain and offer a longer service life.

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A large number of steam users improperly select trap size based on the size of existing piping. However, trap size should closely match the size of the piping on the outlet side of the equipment that supplies condensate to the trap. It is generally recommended to size condensate piping on the discharge side of equipment that supplies condensate to the steam trap according to the following table:.

Please consult a steam specialist such as TLV if you are unsure about trap selection or piping design. In addition, pipe sizing at the trap outlet should not be based on trap size, but instead should be designed to deliver the required flow rate and limit pressure loss for two-phase flow. Most steam users typically require threaded screwed , socket-welded, or flanged steam trap connections depending on the standard national, industry, or company codes and specifications.

Threaded connections cost much less than flanged connections to install, but need to be screwed-in during installation, meaning that either the trap outlet piping needs to remain disconnected or a union needs to be used to allow for easy trap replacement.

Two different stories of a trap-making pioneer

On threaded connection steam traps, it is important that the trap threads follow official standards to help minimize poor connection sealing to the connected piping. Traps with socket weld connections are generally preferred in some plants to limit the amount of steam leaks, but socket weld connections can be more difficult to remove during replacement, and may also have higher installation or maintenance costs. Additionally, some areas may have shortages of qualified welders, which can reduce the overall installation or repair efficiency. Traps with flanged connections can be easily removed and replaced only if the new trap has the exact same size and face-to-face dimension.

After selecting the trap specifications according to operating conditions and environment, the next step is evaluating the necessary discharge capacity that includes the safety factory, and selecting the most economical trap. For more info on these topics, please read part 3. Products Browse Products by Category. Find a Specific Model. Technical Documents. Product Solutions. CAD 3D.

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Gerstell states, "Contrary to statements in various Oneida publications, Newhouse was not the inventor of the steel trap, or even an improved version of it. Research has shown traps made by Newhouse around were designs made earlier in North America around Records show Newhouse traded some of his early traps to Indians between and Sewall was not the skilled outdoorsman, wilderness trapper, Indian trader or inventor of the steel trap.

Gerstell notes that image of Newhouse was done likely through the marketing efforts of the Oneida Community. Sewall Newhouse ran the Company with an iron fist. So much so, employee's often improvised tactics that streamlined production, improved product and provided more profit.

What stands out about Newhouse traps was their unqualified guarantee. It was the only one like it in the trapping industry. Sewall was so confident his traps were the best on the market many hard core trappers would agree that he actually demanded if a Newhouse product had a faulty part the trap be returned and would be replaced free of charge.

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Here is something to think about. In Robert Vance's book on collectible traps, Volume III, he actually says if any Newhouse trap or accessory in his catalog is found to be defective, the owner is urged to return it to the Newhouse company, who will "gladly" replace it without charge.

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  • I don't know of many companies with such a long history as this organization making the same statement. In future articles we will further discuss company history, methods used to construct Newhouse traps, trap styles and much more.

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    However, I feel it important we begin dialogue on their traps. Collecting traps is no different than any other sporting collectible. Always remember, maker, rarity and condition dictate price. What follows is a classic example.

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    In two different books by Robert Vance, the Newhouse trap 14 with square pan riveted over the cast round pan is stated as being rare. Let's talk about that special trap and ultimately its value. Information for this trap's dimensions come from A.

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