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As soon as possible following the emergency, the steps that were taken to care for the patient should be clearly, completely, and legibly documented in a medical record. Planning and preparation will allow physicians and their staff to calmly and effectively respond to medical emergencies.

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Preparing for a medical emergency — Anticipating the unexpected in an office or clinic

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Transitioning to practice. Member sign in. Safety of care Improving patient safety and reducing risks. Originally published January WE Medical emergencies can occur anywhere, at any time, including physicians' offices and clinics.

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What types of emergencies are being seen? At some point in all of our lives we will have to face a life and death situation. Understanding what to do when something happens can save your life and keep you calm in a very stressful situation. The first thing to do to prepare for a medical emergency is to make sure you always have updated contact information on you.

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  6. If you become sick or wind up in a dangerous situation like a natural disaster having updated contact information on you at all times can help save time for medical personnel to help you. Have proper ID, and names and phone numbers for a few close friends or family members. Another key to saving time in a medical emergency is keep a cell phone on you at all times. Technology like cell phones can help save precious time in an emergency by alerting officials of a problem immediately. You can also call for medical air transport if you become trapped somewhere where you are unable to escape by ground travel.

    If you take medication, understand why it was prescribed to you.

    Preparing for a Medical Emergency

    Well, this week, anyway. Each of these moves will take you only between 5 seconds and 20 minutes to complete, and they could prevent the premature tapping of your life insurance by a spouse who might be spoiled by the riches. Put the poison center number on the phone. Call your police non-emergency number and check that works in your area. Teach your young child to dial —and when to dial it. Right now yes, now read your health insurance policy and write down exactly what you need to do when going to the emergency department so you won't void your insurance.

    Parents should consider keeping a consent form on file with the local emergency department. If your child has a medical emergency while you are out of town or otherwise unreachable, a consent form will allow doctors to get right to work without having to deal with the red tape of trying to obtain a social worker or court approval before giving medical assistance.

    If you do not feel comfortable with such a blanket consent form, you may want to discuss options with your lawyer. Your kids' school should also have a copy of the form on file in the nurse's office. Put all of your medications in same place and in the original bottles, so you or someone else can grab them in an instant.