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Women in Portuguese politics. Party politics in Portugal: municipalities and central government.

Subverteram Aristóteles... Análise do fundamento filosófico das ações afirmativas

Memory and trauma of the Portuguese agrarian reform: a case study. Duarte Pacheco: uma biografia. Portuguese healthcare reforms in the context of crisis: external pressure or domestic choice? Public opinion towards healthcare in the context of economic crisis: evidence from Portugal. Online staging of femininity: disciplining through public exposure in Brazilian social media.

On cultural plurality in the public sphere: choosing between freedom and equality as criteria of judgement. Whither culture?

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On the predominance of cognitivism in media and communication studies. Populism, extremism and media: mapping an uncertain terrain. Political participation in an age of mediatisation. New world slavery: redefining the human. On white mythologies: detotalising the legacy of modernity. Descompassos de uma etnografia: sobre os passados presentes de um bairro. Introduction: Lisbon places, urban experiences. Belongings and interactions negotiating portuguese speaking identities in Boston. Les ciutats es fan per dins: desafiaments en etnografia urbana.

Participative social work and urban change: two case studies in Lisbon and Bucharest.

Uma (in)certa antropologia

As cidades fazem-se por dentro: desafios de etnografia urbana. Practical training enters Portuguese universities. Entre a rua e a paisagem. Uma certa ideia de cidade: popular, bairrista e pitoresca.

Catolicismo em Portugal. Crónicas de Susan Lowndes, correspondente britânica (1948-1992)

Sociabilidad masculina y consumo de alcohol: un 'juego de vino' en Lisboa. O lugar da antropologia. Unveiling the experiences of young people in foster care: perspectives from Portugal and Nigeria. European top managers' support for work-life arrangements. Crowding out, crowding in or just a matter of transformation? Informal financial support in Portugal and Sweden. Tiempos, trabajos e identidades. Becoming working mothers: reconciling work and family at three particular workplaces in Norway, the UK, and Portugal. Recorridos de incertidumbre. Moving into adulthood in a southern European country: transitions in Portugal.

Workplace abuse and harassment: the vulnerability of informal and migrant domestic workers in Portugal. Describe all or just a few? Decomposition of the gender wage gap in Portugal, the evidence of gender discrimination. Fault lines in education: dualization and diversification of pathways over 40 years of debate on education policy in Portugal.

What do we mean by school dropout? Early School Leaving and the shifting of paradigms in school dropout measurement.

Cartas por la vida en la Tierra

Gender and civil-military relations. The sociological dimension of external military interventions: the Portuguese military abroad. Gender relations in the armed forces: does the draft make a difference? Gendered culture in peacekeeping operations. Gender integration policies in the armed forces: a double-edged sword? Woodward and T. Women in the Portuguese Armed Forces: from visibility to eclipse. O que pensam os militares portugueses do peacekeeping?

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Spanish monarchy and the Portuguese Republic: two routes to democratization. Cultural organizations and communication in Portuguese decentralization policy. Public Relations, Satisfaction and Commitment. Delincuencia y control social. Lisboa, c. Schools 'without walls' during the portuguese revolution: the student civic service A Maria da Fonte e a Patuleia: alguns problemas. Differentiation versus homogenisation of education systems in Europe: political aims and welfare regimes.

Perspectives of social entrepreneurship in Portugal: comparison and contrast with international theoretical approaches. Prevalence and trends of overweight and obesity in older adults from 10 European countries from to A typology of professional situations in the analysis of graduate transition from higher education to the labor market.

European bi-national marriages in Portugal and EU social integration. Convergences and disparities of work orientations among recent graduates in Portugal. Measuring corporate reputation in B2B markets: the corporate personality adapted scale. Socio-demographic correlates of leisure time physical activity among Portuguese adults. The correlates of meeting physical activity recommendations: a population-based cross-sectional study.

A lean case study in an oncological hospital: implementation of a telephone triage system in the emergency service. Behind the boardroom's door: the role and contribution of corporate boards. Youth labour insertion in Portugal: an education perspective.

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Public policies and social change: the case of the success and continuity of schooling paths of ciganos. Social and spatial continuities and differentiations among Portuguese Ciganos: regional profiles. Constrangimentos e oportunidades para a continuidade e sucesso educativo das pessoas ciganas em Portugal. School pathways and economic practices of Portuguese Ciganos: some continuities and changes.

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  8. Mulheres ciganas na sociedade portuguesa: tracejando percursos de vida singulares e plurais. Shaping ways of managing diversity in Portuguese schools from the student's perspective. Immigrant perceptions of ethnic and racial discrimination: patterns and singularities in a municipality in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Between two worlds: representations of the rural and the urban in two Portuguese municipalities.

    Representations about discrimination practices in the education system built by Gypsies Ciganos in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area Portugal. Residents on illegally built urban areas in Lisbon metropolitan area municipalities. Representations about discrimination practices in the education system built by Russian and Ukrainian immigrants' children in Lisbon Metropolitan area.

    Transforming housing typologies. Space syntax evaluation and shape grammar generation. Trees and semi-lattices: analysing space configuration of two urban systems in Lisbon region. Bioclimatic urbanism and regional design in Portugal: the Atlantic and the Mediterranean contexts. Football fan cultures after the Euro in Portugal. Challenge of sport towards social inclusion and awareness raising against any discrimination. Evaluation and control process in higher education institutions: a comparative analysis.

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    Setting up an international science partnership program: a case study between Portuguese and US universities. Science policy and the internationalization of research in Portugal. EU research and technological development programmes: what role for the social sciences and humanities.

    Industrialization and communism: the Portuguese Communist Party confronts the Sines growth pole.