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Copper plates of which 8 at double p.

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The second part of each vol. A total of a great engraving within the text and copper plates out text, of which 34 on double p age.

First edition, beautifully illustrated. This is the first comprehensive analysis of the work of Palladio, with an imposing cr itical apparatus that enhances the contributions and architectural solutions. Are minutely described 73 works of the famous architect , palaces, villas, churches, mausoleums, public buildings, bridges, all illustrated in fine plates. Interesting edition of this practical treatise on terrestrial and celestial globes, greatly expanded by a rich and detailed il lustrative part.

The work is divided into three books: the first two provide basic concepts of astronomy, cosmography and geography; the thi rd contains the rules for the construction of terrestrial and celestial globes, and their use. Novus Atlas, Italia.

Much more than documents.

Amsterdam: Johannes Blaeu, All Maps in contemporary coloring. Monogram crowned of the king of Saxony Johann on the margin of the title, the transfer stamp of the University Library of Dresden. Small hole at the edge of the Title page, other two small holes to 3V plates. German original edition. The work, in beautiful contemporary hand coloring and in the typical golden parchment bin ding of the Dutch Atlas contains 58 maps of Italy and 4 of Greece, for a total of 62 double-page engraved maps.

This is the third v olume in the German edition of the Novus Atlas of Joannes and Willem Blaeu, first published in three volumes in and was later extended until reaching, in , the five volumes.

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The company of Blaeu family, founded by Willem Janszoon Blaeu in , was the most prosperous and productive cartographic establishment of the Netherlands until it was destroyed by fire in Va n der Krogt, II, Il Philocopo. Venezia, Bindoni, Note of possession of ancient owner at the Title page. Bella edizione figurata. La grande marca tipografica in fine raffigura San Pietro in cattedra con triregno, chiav i e libro; in alto le iniziali SP. Adams, B; Bacchi della Lega p. Descrizione delle feste celebrate in Parma l'anno In Parma, Nella Stamperi a reale, Elephant folio; Contemporary marbled carboard binding, illuminated Ex-libris two-headed eagle with crown pasted at the inside cover; pp.

Frontispie ce drawed by Petitot and engraved by Volpato, Title-page, made by the same artists, with wide Vignette with coat of arms of Borbone family next to the Spain lions, 5 headpieces, 8 Initials and 19 Finals, 36 copper plates out text of wich 6 at double page. First Ed ition illustrated, beautiful specimen in the first edition printed on strong paper.

Brooks: "Perhaps the most attractive of all the books o f Bodoni for the beauty of the figures. The impressive decorative work was entrusted to Eurimond Alexandre Petitot, architect and designer, in collaboration with the young Bodoni, onl y a year in the city as the new director of the Royal Printing.

The Holidays are the second work in which the two work together; P etitot was not only the creator and implementer of complex architectural projects, but also production designer, costume designer and decorator, having provided the designs of the many illustrations of the work, masterfully made by Benigno Bossi, Volpato, Patrini , Ravenet, Baratti and others.

Pa rma, Sotto: Parigi, Tip. In totale 69 tavole f. Rari ssima edizione originale.

Le tavole, tratte in gran parte dagli acquarelli di Pietro Mazza, sono litografate da Deroy e impresse a Parigi da Formentin. No nelle bibliografie consultate, manca ad Abbey.

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Numerorum mysteria. Bound with: Appendix ad ea quae de Numerorum Mysteriis egit. Be rgamo, Comin Ventura, e Seg n. Copper engraving on full page with arms of the noble family Bongo, typographical devices to the two title-pages, some ornamented initials, numeri cal figures within the text, italic type. A contemporary signature to the Title-page. Rare expanded edition, complete with the Appendi x appeared in The book is an encyclopedia on the symbolism of numbers in key mystery and esoteric. The introduction highlights the difference between pure mathematics This particular setting, in a sense antimatematica and unscientific, causes the B.

He takes up the various numbers from one to ten in the same way, together with a few o f the interesting blackberries larger numbers. For students interested in number mysticism popular the book still remains the cla ssic in its way. It is of much value anche in showing the nature of the Roman numerals in use in the sixteenth century.

This last and final issue, is revised, corrected and expanded: were replace d cc. A, a, is added a bifolio the first and second file and, in the end, the extensive appendix and the comprehensive in dex of 60 cc. Euclide rinnovato. Bologna, Gio. Battista Ferroni, Small 8vo, mm.

Ancient signature of belonging in the Title page. Rare first edition in Italian. Important w ork translated by the same Borelli in collaboration with Domenico Magni. DBI: "The Euclides Restitutus wanted to be both a summary and a clarification of the text of the Elements; it is a job that gives inspiration to new research directions The points at which th e Borelli opens new perspectives are the examination of Euclid's fifth postulate, or parallel postulate, and the theory of proportions. Euclidean, p.

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De Motu Animalium. Pars Prima [et Secunda].

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Editio Altera. Correctior e t Emendatior. I-XV; pp. A total of a Frontispiece engraved and 18 plates out text. Rare second ilustrated edition. Starting from the Galilean physics, and developing theories of the school iatro-mathematics, Borel li investigated in depth the mechanics of muscular motion, starting from the heart muscle, and blood circulation seen as comple x hydraulic system. The first part of the work is devoted to external movements of the body, the second to internal movements. Famous is the section De Volatu, where Borelli demonstrates the impossibility of human flight based on observation of the muscle st ructure, in comparison with that of birds, opening the way to the study of mechanical flight.

Inspired by Harvey's mathematical demonstration of the circulation of the blood, Borelli Borelli was the first to recognize t hat bones were levers powered by the action of the muscle, He was also the first to describe circulation as a simple hydraulic system. Mechanica, p. L eyden, Peter Vander Aa, Stamp library extinct the title p age. Rare and important illustrated edition, with plates engraved. In this work Borelli proposes the theory of percussion of hard bodi es and responds to the controversy with Stefano degli Angeli.

As well as the detailed discussion of impact, the book deals with the dynamics of falling bodies, vibration, gravity, fluid mechanics, magnetism, and pendular motion Mechanica, pp. Venezia, Remondini, In-4to; mm. XL, , 9, [Catalogus operum P. Rogerii Josephi Boscovich]; Titlepage i n red ancd black with Vignette, 4 copper plates folded at the end.

Final Edition. Opera in th e history of scientific thought, the greater the versatile Jesuit Dalmatian precursor of modern atomic theory. This edition was printed under the direct supervision of Boscovich, indicated with embossed on the cover page; Editor's preface recalls how the Viennese ed ition, printed during the short stay of the author in the imperial city, had numerous fines and elements of imprecision especially in algebraic formulas, such as to cause confusion to the "System Boscovichianum" fines that needed so corrections from apportarsi un der the direct control of the Author.

Of great interest also the extensive bibliography of the author in the last 8 unnumbered p ages. Riccardi, I, , n. Album with photographs albumin pla tes prepared with wet collodion; leaves of mm. Splendid series of photographs albumin India. These prints, large format, are a valuable documentation on the Indian continent in the second half of the nineteenth century: ancient buildings, places of amazing architecture, scenic v iews with natural landscapes and exotic corners. Samuel Bourne, , was born in Staffordshire, England, from the age of 19 y ears a passion for photography.

It is used in the bank in and three years later began to travel the country, Scotland and Wal es. His first exhibition in In , leaves employment and travels to India where he stayed for seven years.