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Nationalism and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Italy

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Pirandello fa entrare subito il lettore nelle vicende, e gli lascia il gusto della scoperta graduale; presenta poi i personaggi, con sapienza e naturalezza, fino a cesellarli nei particolari e a farli diventare divertenti macchiette. E ce ne sono di tutti i tipi: il padre calcolatore, una madre insignificante, la figlia oppressa, il marito vecchio primo di turno nella lista , l'aspirante pavido secondo di turno , l'avvocato prepotente il terzo, inaspettato, che si intromette tra i due "litiganti" ; e altri intorno, a completare il teatrino.

How pleased I am to have come across this while browsing the shelves of a used bookstore recently. No, it wasn't recent at all, but years ago. Yes, this book sat on my shelf unread for far too long.

Meaning of "ontologista" in the Italian dictionary

It's a slim volume, pages, purchased because I had never read Luigi Pirandello before. Once bought, I put it on the shelf, where it stayed until last Saturday. On that day, in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Sicily, I browsed my shelves to see whether I had any books by Sicilian authors I How pleased I am to have come across this while browsing the shelves of a used bookstore recently.

On that day, in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Sicily, I browsed my shelves to see whether I had any books by Sicilian authors I could take with me. I did! This book by Luigi Pirandello as well as a number of crime novels by Andrea Camilleri. I pulled them out so I would remember to pack them, but I picked this one up that night and started reading. How fantastic it is! How thoroughly entertaining! If only I had known, I would have read this ages ago!

Pirandello, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in for his "bold and brilliant renovation of drama and the stage", initially wrote novels, having ironically first found dramas to be inferior. Having not read any of the Sicilian's other work, I can only say that "The Turn" is "fantastico", every page genuinely riveting. Besides, Don Diego is 72 and will be dead soon, and then his daughter will be free to marry whomever she chooses!

I misteri del castello d'Udolfo, vol. 2, by Ann Radcliffe

But in 19th century Sicily no one much cares what Stellina thinks of the whole matter. The Don suffers from terrible insomnia, brought on by the fact that he's tortured at night by the spirits of his four dead wives. The spirit of the second wife was the first to appear, he tells us, and all was fine as he just lay in bed at night soothed by the sound of her cleaning and performing other chores throughout the house, but then the spirit of his first wife appeared and the two got into it about who the actual "lady of the house" was.

Now the four spirits perform tricks on him, like knocking chairs over, pulling the sheets off the bed, and calling him terrible names. So the Don, you see, must get married simply so as not to be in the house alone. Meanwhile, certain young men in town are, themselves, in love with the young Stellina. Needless to say, matters get complicated and nothing goes according to anyone's plans.

This is such a fun, enjoyable read. Pirandello considered this a "gay if not lighthearted" novel, and it does read as a kind of comedy of errors, despite all the tragedies that occur within, not least to a young woman who is forced to marry not once, but twice against her will. This is one "turn" you'll be happy you took. View 2 comments.

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Primeiro livro de His intent is to have the old man die and then his daughter will inherit his wealth. A young man is also in love with the woman but he has no money or job and thus no chance with her. In a series of sitcom twists and turns, nothing turns out as anyone expects, thus the title. Ho adorato Pirandello fin da subito, l'ho letto e riletto voracemente e mi ha sconvolto nell'intimo, mi ha fatto pensare e divertire.

Non poteva deludermi neppure questo suo primo romanzo breve quasi una novella lunga , che volevo leggere da tempo. Presenta inoltre in nuce alcune sue tematiche predilette, che avranno ampio respiro e sviluppo in seguito. Uomini e donne della piccola borghesia di provincia, nella Sicilia di fine secolo, si agitano sul palcoscenico delle norme sociali, cercando ognuno un proprio vantaggio, ma rimanendo infine tutti beffati e giocati dal caso sornione e imprevedibile.

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