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Even if you adore the classics, you still love to add your own touch to a dish. You just need some imagination and boldness to give conventional recipes a little boost. For example, present desserts as individual servings in little ramekin dishes. Like desserts, lasagna is a dish that your imagination can reinvent: whether rolled up or mini-portions, your guests will be delighted. For more suggestions, take a look at our article Delicious lasagnas in a flash.

A simple, but surprising way to revitalize a dish is to add an unexpected ingredient. A touch of saltiness in a dessert or a little exotic in a traditional dish can awaken the palate. From cupcakes to brownies , bacon — the most unusual ingredient for desserts — has made its way to a whole host of sweet treats! Be inventive and elevate dishes with an unexpected element that will surprise everyone around the table.

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Take a peek at these traditional recipes that grandma made and the variations will astound you! The wave of Italian immigrants in introduced us to pasta and the delicious recipes that came with them. Slow Cooker Vegeterian Spaghetti Sauce. Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce with Lentils. Turkey Bolognese Sauce. Tempeh spaghetti sauce. Adding ingredients to your mashed potato or mixing the corn with other veggies like green peas will too! And there is definitely no corn in this European dish.

These recipes will convince you otherwise:. As much as we love a good, traditional meal, change is always welcome at the table. Veggie mac and cheese.

Grandma Elsie and Her Special Tradition

In a crisp , cake or pie , apples transform any dessert into a classic. There are many ways to updated apple pie. Change a few ingredients like in these recipes:. Old-Fashioned Apple Pie. Raw Apple Pie. This acorn squash recipe was passed down to me from my grandma, who always served it at Thanksgiving.

Now I make it whenever I'm feeling nostalgic.

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I found this handwritten recipe in a cookbook I received from my mom. With onion and celery, these pleasing popovers taste a little like stuffing. Grandma Nette was the queen of ham ball recipes. I make them salty-sweet with a bourbon and vinegar kick. Serve them alone, in a sandwich or over pasta or rice.

I found beautiful heirloom tomatoes and had to show them off. In this easy galette, the tomatoes are tangy and the crust is beyond buttery. This recipe goes back at least as far as my grandmother, who was born in the early s. Our sons and I enjoy eating it in a bowl with milk poured on it—much to the dismay of my husband, who prefers it plain! This recipe is the perfect solution to what to do with left over turkey.

My family looks forward to it every year after Thanksgiving. My great-grandmother made these, and the tradition was passed down in the family—without a written recipe! They are easy to decorate with family; my grandchildren always look forward to them. A perfect partner for your Christmas goose, this warm and fruity side dish can simmer while you prepare the rest of your menu, or make it a day ahead and reheat before serving.

Glaab, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Now I love to bake it whenever I can for my family and friends. We like to use our heirloom cast-iron skillet to make this Sunday special.

Grandma’s Cheesecake Recipe

The golden brown puff pancake with a creamy ham and broccoli filling makes a tasty main dish for brunch. Instead of sage stuffing with turkey, stuff this bird with fresh sage and sprigs of thyme. My grandmother always made a holiday fruitcake. I turned her recipe into cookies that are perfect any time, especially with a cup of tea. When the holidays roll around, I'd rather spend time with family and friends than be stuck in the kitchen.

So I've come to rely on easy-to-fix recipes like this. No one can resist Canadian bacon and apples coated with a brown sugar glaze. My grandma made this gravy every Thanksgiving to drizzle over sliced turkey and stuffing. When I have leftover turkey and mushroom gravy, I chop the turkey into small pieces and add it to the gravy.

I serve it over a piece of bread, open-face style. This dense, dark, moist fruitcake was my grandmother's recipe. The flavor just gets better and better as it sits in the fridge, so be sure to make it ahead!

Now we leave out the chicken and keep the cornbread dressing. My grandmother makes this every year for Christmas morning—the only time we ever had it. Why wait, when you can enjoy this satisfying chowder anytime? It's also delicious topped with biscuits! Don't expect this old-fashioned dessert to last long. The delicate pears and irresistible caramel topping make it a winner whenever I serve it. It's nice to have a tempting fall cake that puts the season's best pears to excellent use. My mother-in-law loved chocolate malts—and cheesecakes, too.

Can you guess who passed this recipe on to me?

Grandma Luckey's | Put some Grandma Luckey's on it.

Sometimes, I substitute pretzel crumbs for the graham cracker crumbs. They make a surprisingly good crust! Beets were a popular vegetable in our house when I was growing up and this recipe is a real favorite of ours.

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It's very easy to make, and the orange gives it a delightful citrus flafor. This basic recipe was one my grandmother used for making crumble pies from fresh fruit. She simply substituted oats, gingersnaps or vanilla wafers depending on the fruit.

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  4. Pear was always my favorite, and I added the ginger and caramel to give it a new twist. I've loved my aunt's crispy coated bacon ever since I was a child. Now I've shared the super simple recipe with my own children. We still enjoy a big panful every Christmas morning—and on many other days throughout the year! For generations, our family has handed down this cake recipe starring cranberries.

    Simple and unusual, it remains a treasured family heirloom. Carrots and radishes give color and crunch to this sweet, spicy side. We never have leftovers.

    Refreshing Grandma’s recipes

    If you make it ahead, reheat it and add the walnuts just before serving. It was always one of the many cakes and pies lined up for dessert. This bourbon-spiked ham makes a wonderful main course for a holiday feast. Leftovers if there are any leftovers make delicious sandwiches. A drizzling of rich chocolate glaze lends an elegant touch and will keep guests wanting more.

    With only 3g of fat per slice, this is one treat you'll want to see year after year! A red wine sauce complements the brown sugar rub on the roast in this inviting entree. You can't go wrong with this down-home dish! This German classic is such a part of our reunions, we designate a special place to serve it. Five generations flock to the "Kuchen Room" for this coffee cake.

    My grandmother made the best collard greens in the world. Eating them with a slice of buttermilk corn bread is pure bliss.