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Archived from the original on 11 June Retrieved 9 November Archived from the original on 12 November Retrieved 18 December Retrieved 20 November Ed Miliband is Jewish. We're all Jewish. So maybe Britain is One Nation, after all". Archived from the original on 8 October I have a particular faith, I describe myself as a Jewish atheist. I'm Jewish by birth origin and it's part of who I am.

I don't believe in God, but I think faith is a really important thing for a lot of people. It provides nourishment, a faith about how you [can] change the world. Retrieved 2 June Retrieved 28 May British Comedy Guide. Retrieved 29 November Ed Miliband navigational boxes. Ed Miliband.

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In November , Labour announced plans to require new EU migrants wait two years before claiming benefits. Miliband campaigned in the Scottish independence referendum with the cross-party Better Together campaign, supporting Scotland 's membership of the United Kingdom. Opinion polls showed solid leads for the 'no' campaign, with a 20 point-lead on 19 August. However, by the end of the month, the lead has fallen to just 6 points, with YouGov analysis showing a big shift in support among Labour supporters.

Miliband made an unplanned visit to Lanarkshire to draw a contrast between a Labour and Conservative future for Scotland within the UK. The day after the referendum, Cameron raised the issue of 'English votes for English laws', with Miliband criticising the move as a simplistic solution to a complex problem, eventually coming out in favour for a constitutional convention to be held after the general election. The Labour party conference in Manchester on 21—24 September occurred days after the Scottish referendum result. Miliband's conference speech was criticised, particularly after he missed sections on the deficit and immigration, after attempting to deliver the speech without notes.

In February , Labour pledged to reverse the privatisation of the railways by getting rid of the franchising system, after previously saying that they would allow the public sector to bid for franchises. The first election to the Shadow Cabinet that took place under Miliband's leadership was on 7 October Ending days of speculation, David Miliband announced that he would not seek election to the Shadow Cabinet on 29 September, the day nominations closed, saying he wanted to avoid "constant comparison" with his brother Ed.

Following the election, Miliband unveiled his Shadow Cabinet on 8 October Burnham was also given responsibility for overseeing Labour's election co-ordination. On 24 June , it was reported that Miliband was seeking to change the decades-old rule that Labour's Shadow Cabinet would be elected every two years, instead wanting to adopt a system where he alone had the authority to select its members. Miliband later confirmed the story, claiming that the rule represented "a legacy of Labour's past in opposition".

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On 15 May , Miliband appointed Owen Smith to replace Peter Hain — who retired from frontline politics — as Shadow Welsh Secretary , and also promoted Jon Cruddas to the Shadow Cabinet, putting him in charge of overseeing Labour's ongoing policy review with a view to draft Labour's manifesto for the next election. Watson had offered his resignation, but when Miliband was asked by a journalist specifically whether he had sacked Watson, he replied, " I said it was right for him to go, yes. On 7 October , Miliband reshuffled his Shadow Cabinet for the third time, saying that this would be the last reshuffle before the general election.

Miliband conducted a final mini-reshuffle ahead of the general election in November , when Jim Murphy resigned as Shadow International Development Secretary to become Leader of the Scottish Labour Party. Miliband's first electoral tests as Labour Leader came in the elections to the Scottish Parliament , Welsh Assembly and various councils across England, excluding London, on 5 May The results for Labour were described as a "mixed bag", with the party performing well in Wales — falling just one seat short of an overall majority and forming the next Welsh Government on its own — and making large gains from the Liberal Democrats in northern councils, including Sheffield , Leeds , Liverpool and Manchester.

Results were less encouraging in the south of England, and results in Scotland were described as a "disaster", with Labour losing nine seats to the SNP, which went on to gain the Parliament's first ever majority. Miliband launched Labour's campaign for the local elections with a speech in Birmingham , accusing the coalition government of "betrayal", and claiming that it "lacked the values" that Britain needed. In April , Miliband pledged ahead of the upcoming county elections that Labour would change planning laws to give local authorities greater authority to decide what shops can open in their high streets.

He also said that Labour would introduce more strenuous laws relating to pay-day lenders and betting shops. In May , Miliband led Labour through the European Parliament elections , where the party increased its number of Members of the European Parliament from 13 to Labour came second with This was the first time since the that the largest opposition party had failed to win the most seats in European elections.

On 30 March , the Parliament of the United Kingdom dissolved and a general election was called for 7 May. Miliband began his campaign by launching a "manifesto for business", stating that only by voting Labour would the UK's position within the European Union be secure.

Ed Miliband resigns as Labour leader after general election defeat | Daily Mail Online

He included an additional pledge on housing and rent on 27 April. Throughout the campaign for the 7 May elections, Miliband insisted that David Cameron should debate him one on one as part of a televised election broadcast [] in order to highlight differences in policies between the two major parties, but this was never to happen, with the pair instead being interviewed separately by Jeremy Paxman as part of the first major televised political broadcast of the election involving multiple parties.

Despite opinion polls leading up to the general election predicting a tight result, Labour decisively lost the 7 May general election to the Conservatives. Although gaining 22 seats, Labour lost all but one of its MPs in Scotland and ended up with a net loss of 26 seats, failing to win a number of key marginal seats that it had expected to win comfortably.

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After being returned as MP for Doncaster North , Miliband stated that it had been a "difficult and disappointing" night for Labour. Since resigning as Labour leader, Miliband has not taken on another frontbench role. He has spoken about the need to tackle inequality [] and in favour of the Paris climate change agreement. In the aftermath of the referendum result, Miliband said that, although he had supported Jeremy Corbyn since his election as leader, he had "reluctantly reached the conclusion his position [was] untenable", calling for Corbyn to step down in June Renewing his previous stance on the issue in , Miliband criticised Rupert Murdoch 's bid to takeover telecommunications company Sky in December , subsequently supporting an inquiry by Ofcom.

Miliband described himself as a new type of Labour politician, looking to move beyond the divisiveness of Blairism and Brownism , and calling for an end to the "factionalism and psychodramas" of Labour's past. He also repeatedly spoke of the need for a "new politics". During the Labour leadership campaign, he described himself as a socialist , and spoke out against some of the actions of the Blair ministry , including criticising its record on civil liberties and foreign policy.

Miliband called for "responsible capitalism" when Google 's Eric Schmidt commented on his corporation's non-payment of tax. Miliband worked closely with the think tank Policy Network on the concept of predistribution as a means to tackle what he described as 'the growing crisis in living standards'. Though Labour remained officially neutral, he in a personal capacity supported the ultimately unsuccessful "Yes to AV" campaign in the Alternative Vote referendum on 5 May , saying that it would benefit Britain's "progressive majority". Blue Labour talks about family and friendships at the heart of society, rather than just material wealth; it also offers a very strong critique of the free market as well as the big state.

This was seen to have influenced his conference speech, signalling "predatory and productive capitalism". Miliband is progressive in regard to issues of gender and sexuality. He publicly identifies as a feminist. As he signed an 'equal marriage pledge', he said, "I strongly agree gay and lesbian couples should have an equal right to marry and deserve the same recognition from the state and society as anyone else.

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In June , while speaking to the Labour Friends of Israel , Miliband stated that if he became Prime Minister he would seek "closer ties" with Israel and opposed the boycott of Israeli goods, saying that he would "resolutely oppose the isolation of Israel" and that nobody in the Labour Party should question Israel's right to exist. During his time as Labour leader, Miliband criticised then- Conservative Leader and Prime Minister David Cameron for "sacrificing everything on the altar of deficit reduction", and has accused him of being guilty of practising "old politics", citing alleged broken promises on areas such as crime, policing, bank bonuses, and child benefit.

Miliband was also particularly critical of former Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg following the Conservative—Liberal Democrat coalition agreement, accusing him of "betrayal" and of "selling-out" his party's voters. In , he stated that he would demand Clegg's resignation as a precursor to any future Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition under his own leadership. Following the death of former Prime Minister and Conservative Leader Margaret Thatcher in , Miliband spoke in a House of Commons sitting specially convened to pay tributes to her.

He noted that, although he disagreed with a few of her policies, he respected "what her death means to the many, many people who admired her". He also said that Thatcher "broke the mould" in everything she had achieved in her life, and that she had had the ability to "overcome every obstacle in her path". Miliband has previously spoken positively of his brother David, praising his record as Foreign Secretary , and saying that "his door was always open" following David's decision not to stand for the Shadow Cabinet in Miliband was portrayed during Labour's election campaign as being genuine in his desire to improve the lives of working people and to display progression from New Labour , but was unable to defeat interpretations of him as being ineffectual, or even cartoonish in nature.

Miliband is of Jewish heritage — the first Jewish leader of the Labour Party [] [] — and describes himself as a Jewish atheist. On one level I feel intimately connected with it — this happened to my parents and grandparents. On another, it feels like a totally different world.

Miliband co-hosts a popular podcast , entitled Reasons to be Cheerful , with radio presenter Geoff Lloyd. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 8 November The Right Honourable. Justine Thornton m. Miliband's voice. Main article: Shadow Cabinet of Ed Miliband.

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