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A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

This is why it has a much more significant impact on your app rankings. App stores rank apps which have more user engagement, especially positive engagement, much more highly.

A Step-by-Step Guide to App Store Optimization

This is a fairly obvious app store optimization ranking factor. More downloads will improve your rankings on app store searches, which in turn will result in more downloads. Once upon a time, you could create a user-friendly app and leave it at that. Today, the highest-ranking apps are those that are being updated at regular intervals. Each update should increase the relevance and usefulness of your app for your users, reacting to changing audience needs and competition changes.

Apps with higher crash rates and sporadic and rare app updates are considered of lower quality and therefore rank lower. Everyone likes it when something is tailored to them.

How to Optimize Your Google Play Store App Details Page

The vast majority of apps are created so that they are international. Thing is, both Apple App Store and Google Play Store favour apps which are localised as they tend to provide a better user experience. Yes, keeping an app international means you are not limiting your audience to users who only speak one language. But that also means that you are not targeting users who are searching in different languages, which could mean you are missing out on a lot of app search traffic.

When it comes to app localisation, you need to ensure the content on your app store landing pages and app store metadata title, keyword field etc is in the correct language for each country. This is not a simple matter of Google translating everything. You also will need to ensure your imagery and videos are culturally appropriate, and any overlay text is also translated. Professionally translating your app description into Arabic but keeping all the text in your app screenshots in English is pretty counterintuitive.

App Store Optimization - BuildFire

The videos and imagery you use on your app store landing pages are not directly taken into account in the ranking algorithms. But they do affect the conversion rate of users who go to your landing page and actually download your app. Think of them as a taster for what users can expect from your app. Here are the essential app store optimisation steps you need to follow to improve the discoverability and engagement of your app. A the keywords your target audience are using to search for an app like yours. Remember, these are not the words that you would necessarily use to describe your app or service.

App store optimization (ASO) best practices

However, app users might not use those terms. Using tools like App Annie or Sensor Tower, you can do research into what keywords you should be using on your app store landing pages. See which ones have the most relevance to your target audience, the highest traffic, how many apps are currently ranking for them and what your current position is if you are ranking at all. Remember that you should use your keywords as naturally as possible in any copy on your app store landing pages.

Like search engines, app stores are sophisticated enough to recognise spammy use of keywords and it will only result in you ranking lower on app store search results. One of the best ways to get an idea of what keywords you should be targeting is to see what terms your direct competitors are ranking for. Better yet, spot areas they are not targeting as these are where you can see the most success.

This is the point at which you will either need to review or create your app store title and description. Remember to use your keywords as naturally as possible, as to structure the description so it is clear, readable and enticing for the user. If you are creating an app for the first time, then you will need to submit it to Apple App Store and Google Play so it can be verified and released to the app stores.

What is App Store Optimization?

The description in Google Play is specifically important because it is an On-Metadata factor that is responsible for Search and Conversion. In this field you have to include all the keywords of your app or game, combined with a powerful call-to-action.

App Store Optimization for iOS -🥇How to Stand out in the Apple App Store

And secondly, it helps to convince your potential users to install your app, so it has to be actionable. The maximum length for a description in Google Play is 4. The best practice is to include your target keywords a few times, and it is important to mention the core ones in the first and in the last lines of the description to improve rankings for those keywords. An icon is the first visual impact that your app will have on the user, an essence of your application.

Right after making the search request in Google Play, what the users see is a huge list of apps with different names and icons, and at this point the users will decide which app to check out and install. An image is worth a thousand words!

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Moreover, the icon as well as the title and developer name are the things that users see in the actual search result in Google Play Store, so these elements are ones that have the most impact on the search ASO. To publish your app page in Google Play Store, you need a high-resolution icon. Google has the following requirements for developers:. If you are ready to start designing, read this great case study by Incipia on how to pick the best app icon. Or go to Creative Bloq for inspiration on some awesome icon designs! Browsing the Google Play Store can also be helpful to find out new trends for icons.

Another key element for Conversion Rate Optimization CRO is the Google Play feature graphic that is displayed before your screenshots if you have a video. Check out this post for more best practices and examples of feature graphics. The thumbnail of your promotional video will be your feature graphic and placed before your screenshots see above.

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You can localize your video, too. To do that, upload your video in different languages, or upload just a transcript, which Google will automatically display depending on the user language settings. The best thing about it is that the views of the video from Google Play Store count as YouTube views, making your video rank higher in YouTube search and, subsequently, in Google search results.

Keep in mind that the feature graphic or feature graphic with the video play button can also appear when someone searches for your app with brand searches, featured apps or Play Store ads for example. One more reason to get them right! Screenshots show how your app or game looks like from inside, and highlight its best features. It is then up to the user if he likes what he sees and if he wants it, so it is very important to grab user attention from the first screenshot. In Google Play Store you can add up to 8 screenshots for each supported device type, while the minimum required by Google is just 2 screenshots with following specs:.

And if you need more inspiration, read this article! App Store Optimization is a never-ending process , so keep on trying new things and optimizing your Google Play Store listing. Keep on monitoring the evolution of your app and your competitors. Test everything and be updated with Google Play Store news and changes to never miss any trend.

He writes about mobile growth and ASO strategy. Hi, Your help needed. After seeing your post. I liked change developer name like what you have mention draw free game or top free games ,i changed to Android Free Apps zone. Then My Account terminated ,they are saying deceptive behaviour. Is that keyword why wrong. Can you help me please…….. Hi John — You should not change the name to something that is not completely in line with your app.

5 points to focus on for ASO

It is best to choose the right name from the start rather than change it as well. Great list! Thanx for your efforts and writing you have done to compose the list for play store optimization. Keep up the good work. This article game me good insights about ASO. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing this valuable article regarding app store optimization.

This article is a brilliant guide to the beginners. Thanks for this great share. What are the chances if I implement all above mention tips will my app comes in the top search for relevance keywords. But is is not discoverable using keyword sidebar. To change it you need to go to your Google Play Developer Console.

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Hello Sylvain, your blog is going to help a lot of people, I believe. An app makes no sense if it is not discovered by people. Hence, app store optimization is of immense significance.