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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jane and the Dragon by Martin Baynton. Canada New Zealand. Nelvana Weta Productions. Jane has her knight in-training 'rescue the damsel' test. It is a difficult challenge that she must meet in order to carry on her apprenticeship as a knight. If Jane fails, she must sacrifice her bid to become a knight and face her fear of a future in the kitchens.

The arranged marriage between the king and the queen is revealed.

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Jane is mortified, Jester is terrified and Jane's efforts to save her friend from public doom seem doomed. Dragon comes down with a case of curly tail, and it is up to Jane and Gunther to save him. Jane is so determined that she misses the Annual Ball and sets about trying to capture a flower thief. Jane rushes to defend her friend Dragon, whose clumsiness is causing many problems around the castle. Jane concocts a story and lets her friends know that she and Dragon have received an offer to move to a castle where they love dragons.

On their day off, Jane and her friends have the chance to play bandyball. Dragon joins in the game, but it ends in disaster. Jane manages to get the others to involve Dragon as referee, but playing a physical and noisy game like bandyball without disturbing the King is extremely tricky. Jester's favorite day of the year, All Fools Day, is here, but a jealous Dragon threatens to ruin the fun with his terribly unfunny pranks.

Jane is determined to pull a prank on Dragon, but he proves to be a very difficult target. There is an interesting twist at the end of this episode. Hope is rekindled when Jane overhears a talented voice, but there is one problem: she cannot find the singer. When the King and Queen are gone for the day on royal business, Jane is entrusted with "protecting the royal heirs".

When Gunther pulls a practical joke on Jane, Dragon discovers he and Gunther share a similar sense of humor: lowbrow. Jane begins to feel left out, so she enlists Jester to give her a crash course on crass humor. When Smithy's pig bites the Prince, the King decides that Pig must be tethered. Smithy is devastated, as Pig is his pet and friend. When the King sells Pig to the merchant, Smithy's problems multiply. The King commissions a beautiful portrait of the Queen and Jane is entrusted to guard it before the grand unveiling gala.

When Jane leaves her post to check in on Dragon, the Queen's portrait is left unattended, leaving Jane in big trouble. With the three-hundredth anniversary of the castle approaching, Jane and Gunther are given an important chore to prepare for the Royal Jubilee. Whichever squire polishes more of the castle's myriad of shields will win the honor of carrying the banner in the Jubilee Parade. At the same time, Dragon wants Jane to come to his cave to help him decipher the carvings on his wall. While out on patrol, Dragon's spontaneous loop-de-loop causes Jane to slip off and free-fall through the air.

Dragon manages to save her in the nick of time, but is shaken by the experience. He vows that no harm will come to her and becomes something of an overprotective parent. Jane rebels against his suffocating affection and unlocks one of the secrets of her runic sword. When Jane eats some berries and passes out ill, she reawakens with amnesia thinking she is still a Lady-in-waiting.

Jane now knows only one thing for certain; she is terrified of Dragon. The scheming Merchant concocts a plan to get rid of Dragon once and for all. When Jane finds herself trapped in the privy at night, with no candle and a squeaky bat, she develops a sudden fear of the dark, so she has a set of candles in her room to feel safe.

To make matters worse, Sir Ivon and Sir Theodore have built a hedge maze outside the castle, which Jane and Gunther must navigate at night.

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Princess Lavinia gets lost inside it while the wolves are hunting, leaving Jane to face her fears to save the day. In The Hidden World, Toothless also shows to be able to recover quite quickly. Night Furies are extremely intelligent, surpassing all known dragon species. Toothless can almost completely understand everything said to him.

Night Fury

He is able to understand verbal cues and non-verbal cues, as showcased in " Twinsanity ". Toothless also displays an impeccable ability to learn, process and remember various tricks like the "Barrel Roll" in " Worst in Show ". In daily, casual conversations, Toothless also appears to be able to grasp Hiccup's words and comprehend them. Night Furies displays a high level of emotional and sentimental awareness of both humans and other dragons alike.

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Toothless' emotional intelligence, arguably, surpasses almost all other dragons in the series and is responsible for the close bond between him and Hiccup. Toothless is able to sense emotions by picking up on oral and behavioral signals and act accordingly in response to them. For example, during the events of How to Train Your Dragon , he sensed that Hiccup was not out to hurt him and reciprocated by letting down his guard. However, his emotional awareness is not be disregarded as mere obedience. Night Furies are wary creatures which are observant and evaluative and Toothless only trusted Hiccup after assessing him.

Furthermore, in " Animal House ", Toothless was the first to sense that the Riders were cold and suffering and took the initiative to shield them, showcasing a heightened awareness and empathy towards his surroundings. In " The Eel Effect ", despite suffering from Eel Pox , Toothless stopped himself from shooting blasts when he accidentally hit Hiccup and ran away in order to protect his rider from himself. In " Free Scauldy " and " Living on the Edge ", Toothless was shown to grieve for the dying Scauldy and Garffiljorg , despite not knowing them for much time.

Night Furies also seem to be able to command and manipulate others to an extent, such as when he told the other dragons to back off when he was facing his nemesis. This showcases the certain level of leadership that Night Furies possess. In " We Are Family, Part 2 ", Toothless was captured and imprisoned in Outcast Island and he was able to outsmart two Outcast soldiers by himself by pretending to be unconscious and tricking them into freeing his mouth muzzle.

Night Furies also seem to be one of the few dragons who attempts to show creativity. In the first film, Toothless was attempted to draw Hiccup after seeing him draw. In the second film, Toothless attempted to draw again after Valka drew Hiccup's map on snow. This also shows that Night Furies have the ability to mimic others. This also includes human facial expressions, as displayed in the same film. This sound wave is in a sonic ringed shape, rather than a lined sound wave. Night Furies have incredible jaw strength. They can also retract their teeth, to avoid chipping and breaking when not in use.

Another unconfirmed explanation is that the dragon would retract its teeth to protect them from the plasma blast if its jaws are restricted, though in spite of this explanation, the teeth are almost always visible when the Night Fury unleashes the blast.

The ability to retract his teeth is what earned Toothless his name. Night Furies are shown to be good swimmers as demonstrated by Toothless. He can swim at high speed and hold his breath for quite a while, but Night Furies do have a limited lung capacity and will drown unless they have access to air, as evidenced in the first film and several episodes.

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In the second film , Valka showed Hiccup hidden spines on Toothless' back, that even the dragon himself didn't know about. After that he is able to extend them at will. Those "flaps" are flat, leathery fins, placed in 'V' shape and extending from his back, to the end of tail. They gave him more maneuverability and control in flight. As Valka was able to do this with the first Night Fury she'd ever met, she probably saw this on another dragon species.

Night Furies are also shown to have a dominance display where they "charge" themselves which gives them stronger firepower. As they charge themselves, their plasma blasts increase to a higher temperature than normal. When this happens, various parts of their body, such as the spines, the converging points of the wing and body, mouth, nostrils, and center section of their forehead glow translucent blue. This glow gets brighter if one of two things happen - the Night Fury roars, or the Night Fury fires a very powerful plasma blast. Night Furies are only known to gain these abilities and uses this display when they challenge the current Alpha Dragon.

Night Furies have almost no known unique weakness, making them one of the hardest dragons to combat. However, a Dragon Root arrow may cause more of a side effect as it can make them very weak and vulnerable for long period of time, while other dragons will recover faster, as seen in " Enemy of My Enemy ".

The Night Furies' dual tail fins on their tails allow them to remain stabilized in flight. If one is damaged or missing, they will be unable to fly properly. It is revealed in the third film that Night Furies are unable to survive in cold environments for a very long time.

It is also stated that Night Furies are unable to fly for very long distances without resting, though none of this has occurred with Toothless. The Night Fury, unsurprisingly for its rarity, is an enigmatic dragon. Toothless , for example, came across as aloof and distrusting when Hiccup first met him. He is secretive and unwilling to engage in any form of contact, trying to avoid the boy repeatedly.