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Based on 20 ratings. Thank you for rating this recipe. If you'd like to comment further on this recipe you can do so in the Customer comment section on the bottom of the page. Click here for more information about health and nutrition. Print A4 A5 Save to your scrapbook Close. Save to your scrapbook Martha Collison's hot chocolate on sticks This will be saved to your scrapbook You can also add it to one of your existing cookbooks. Add to a new cookbook:.

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Email this recipe to a friend Send a link to this recipe to a friend or your own e-mail address as a reminder. Recipient's name. And second, do you think sprinkling some crushed candy canes on top of the marshmallows would be a good addition? These will be perfect! I LOVE these. And place them into heart designed cupcake papers. I am wondering if you would send me the word document of the printed directions you attached. I am excited to begin this tonight with the kids!

I like to do two sticks or so per cup of milk! Worked a treat! I just finished packaging these, they were so easy and I love recipes that make a lot, makes it easy to get a lot of gifts done. Thanks for such an awesome treat for the neighbors and co-workers! So tasty and surprisingly easy. My only problem was smoothing out the marshmallows cause they were SO sticky!

As for the sticks, I found them at hobby lobby and at Walmart. I also used mostly chips and mine set up perfectly! Thanks again!! My daughter and I loved it so much we thought about making them and giving them out to her class. Since I was pressed for time, I decided to use just store bought marshmallows rather than making them from scratch.

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Such a clever idea! Loved it! I just made these to give as teacher gifts this week. Audrey: I used chocolate chips, they worked great.

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My daughters and I had such a great time working on this project. I put a picture of my almost finished product on pinterest so you could see the sticks. Thanks for such a fun idea and the great directions.

Rich & Creamy Hot Chocolate on a Stick – DIY Gift

I just made some using Hersheys chocolate chips and Bakers unsweetened chocolate. I then read a comment that makes me wonder if they will set up properly. Has any one else used chocolate chips? I think using chips can just be unpredictable…I would LOVE it if you come back and let us know how they set!

Jane, just wanted to let you know that the popsicle sticks worked perfectly! First batch going out to teachers and coaches today. Thanks for the great idea!

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Glad I could do such a nice project with my daughter. I may actually use them myself when I make these again because, like I mentioned, the sticks will hold up better in the liquid! I thought about spoons too, and maybe pouring the chocolate into dixie cups instead, and then peeling the cup off once the chocolate has set. Making these Tommrow! Let me know :D. Just realized the skewers could be dangerous, especially for kids. Do you think I could use those or would they be too big, causing the chocolate to crack open?

I also have bamboo skewers I could use. Thanks for your help! BTW my daughter and I made the marshmallows last night and they turned out great! These look great!! I think they last probably a week or two. I just made these tonight and tested out a cup. In my opinion, the unsweet chocolate kinda ruins them.

Hot Chocolate With Marshmallow On A Stick

But the homemade marshmallows make the hot chocolate VERY smooth. How do you suggest I go about getting sprinkles, chopped up peppermint candies, etc. I want to try that with these. Any suggestions?

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The lower quality chips may have more issues too. Just a thought! I think that would be super tasty! I was wondering if you are supposed to refrigerate overnight, or just leave out at room temperature. Love everything about it, right down to the packaging — thanks for sharing!

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Love these!!!! Maybe a candy thermometer would help me out?? Thanks for any advice. I made a batch of the hot chocolate on a stick last night. It was super simple, and the clean up was a snap. I wanted to try them for my wedding in February. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter and it was no problem at all. Followed the instructions, set over night, but the result is gooey and sticky. Word to other users, it only works with bitter and un sweetened chocolate! Thank you!!! OK, thanks for the info. I will probably get my husband on this project because I have a bunch of other DIY going on for the party.

Sorry if someone already asked this, but could I pour the mixture into molds maybe mini muffin tins? I think the tricky part might be getting it out of the molds? I feel like it was just so easy doing the pan because it was super easy to line it, pop the chocolate out and then cut it up…but maybe try one in a mold and see what happens.

What a great idea! My daughter is so excited so am I! We made four batches of these after finding the recipe on this site. Every batch turned out perfect. They were decicious, too. The adults loved them as much as the kids, possibly more!

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They are great exactly as described, but we tweaked a couple of batches. The ones with peppermint, we put crushed candycanes on top of the marshmallows. Just catching up on my blog reading and found these darling little treats! Great ideas! This is definitely going into the file!! Thanks so much for making and posting these, Jane! And thanks for the kind words about my post! We make them quite regularly and we have shipped them from NY to TX successfully. Thanks again! The kids and I whipped up a double batch, one for family and friends, one for all our neighbors.