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Desperate to find her, Neave discovers a whole new meaning to the ties that bind and truth being stranger than fiction.

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A haunting, darkly funny and compelling tale of sisterhood that deftly weaves together shades of The Lovely Bones with a pirate romance, The Romance Reader's Guide to Life proves that sometimes the guiltiest of pleasures contain some essential kernels of truth about life. And you should always be kind to dogs. Short stories. Deus Absconditus, a short story by Mary Costello. Transatlantic Railroad, a short story by Mary M Burke. Locksmiths, a short story by Wendy Erskine. Book reviews. Upperdown review: Murder, mayhem and maths in Tipperary.

The Romance Reader's Guide to Life

City of Girls: Elizabeth Gilbert's fizzing portrait of giddy young female hedonism. New poetry. Poem of the Week: Pledge. Poem of the week: A Plumber in Aleppo.

Brought to Book. Women writers Putting Irish women writers back in the picture. The soul of the station has gone. Oh I do miss Romona and the bookshow - I love listening to my old podcasts of the bookshow! Wonderful to hear Ramona again How could RN destroy the bookshow. I no longer download the podcast Bring her back RN and all will be forgiven Padraig. I miss Ramona Koval. Still disappointed after all this time.

By the Book: A Reader's Guide to Life

Monday - Thursday 10pm Repeated: Tuesday - Friday 4pm. Facebook Twitter Delicious Reddit Digg what are these?

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Guests Ramona Koval Writer, journalist and broadcaster. Credits Executive Producer Gail Boserio. So good to hear your voice on radio again. Please come back.

Reply Alert moderator pip : 30 Oct pm I agree - please come back Ramona! Reply Alert moderator theodora : 30 Oct pm Beautiful Ramona. I can hardly wait to read your book. Reply Alert moderator Jehan : 30 Oct pm Loved the dedication and depth you brought to your interviews even miss the awkward segues with Michael at Bush Tele! The segues to BT were gorgeous.

The Romance Reader's Guide to Life by Sharon Pywell

Reply Alert moderator Dorte Conroy : 30 Oct pm Haven't managed to listen to the interview yet, but the the pic of Ramona and Phillip is just beautiful! Best wishes, Simon Reply Alert moderator Gay Winters : 30 Oct pm Ramona, what a joy to hear your voice this afternoon on Phillip's repeated show. Reply Alert moderator Silvia O'Toole : 30 Oct pm Ten out of ten and buketfuls of koala stamps to you both.

Silvia Reply Alert moderator Ann Oliver : 30 Oct pm Ramona looks like I am not the only one that has missed you why don't you do your own book show I'll help you market it, cheers Ann Oliver - old chef and still cooking because I love it!


Reply Alert moderator Barbara Champion : 31 Oct am Gosh it was so lovely to hear you talking with Ramona this afternoon. Reply Alert moderator bunyip : 31 Oct pm Lovely interview with Ramona.

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Reply Alert moderator ben : 31 Oct pm So wonderful to hear Ramona again.