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Certainly they have far less impact on my BG than wheat has. Also I have wondered if potatoes you buy frozen such as fries or shredded hash browns would have resistant starch, but then heating them would maybe convert the starch back again? I have a family member with an auto-immune disorder and I am trying to get her to try a gluten free diet.

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Some of the benefits of the RS that you described could be very helpful. She is taking probiotics but I think we should check out the soil based probiotics. I find the potato starch cheaper and easier to find in my area off the shelf. But that could vary in areas. I will stick with the PS as it agrees with me. Fermentation method is key. None of that over salted whey ferments that are so popular right now. What about cooked cauliflower? I have been told it converts to a starch when cooked.

Also wonder about powdered sprouted rice protein.

The Definitive Guide to Resistant Starch | Mark's Daily Apple

Norm Robillard, a microbiologist and expert on SIBO, is now carefully optimistic about the potential for resistant starch as part of a therapy for SIBO for some people. I agree. I might try adding a little cooled potato now and then and see if I notice any effects. The other alternative might be some tapioca starch, though not sure how or what to add it to. Can the potatoes be fried in lard and then cooled? I would rather try a yummy food source then a powder. Then, I pull them out as needed, peel sometimes not , slice or chop, depending on application. Applying this same logic to stuff like refried beans or cooked rice, reheated left-overs have way more resistant starch than if you eat them freshly cooked?

Having spent 4 years or so Primal and thought I had it dialled things I thought were no gos seem to be creeping in, and not even as whole food! Hey ho. Also started taking Agnus Castus chasteberry which has a long history of evening out hormones, particularly testosterone, 2 capsules with breakfast and with dinner mg daily. Stimulants include alcohol but I stopped drinking over a year ago.

Within the traditional Chinese medicine system stems and branches acupuncture in particular menstral problems are associated with excess heat internal , so eating cold foods helps normalise cycles — peppermint tea, watermelon and cucumber are all good to reduce heat. So far so good, the excess heat was the explanation for a shortening cycle.

It seems to have done the trick. Very interest article Mark. Might be time to cook more with this product based on RS Type 2 qualities.

The Dominionist Faith of Angus Buchan – Faith Like Potatoes

I have been using raw potato starch for a few weeks and have found the effects of initial increased gas, the vivid dreams and improved bowel habit. I took a break for the Primalcon Tulum trip as taking a lot of white powder in or out of Mexico seemed like a bad idea. Angelo Coppola in his Latest in Paleo did a 2 hour interview podcast with Richard Nikoly and Tatertot Tim on the whole resistant starch issue.

Thanks for mentioning the podcast with Angelo, Korree. BG, our co-collaborator on the book. Seems we had a blind spot and kinda poo-pooed probiotics.

The Dominionist Faith of Angus Buchan – Faith Like Potatoes

But, then I tried them myself and wow! Really closed the gap on everything. But now I do. It is very expensive though.

Has anyone experienced more energy from the resistant starch? Improved workouts? Know if this might work the same way as the UCAN? UCAN says they process the product a certain way for a slow release in the body and there is supposed to be no stomach discomfort.

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Another satisified customer here! There are none. Most people on a ketogenic diet will get near zero from foods. Think you for this, Mark. Can you explain to me what is the problem with using a product seminar to HiMaize? I am using Fiberfin which I can purchase in Denmark. I use it in my LCHF bread. Any input? Is glucomannan konjac considered resistant starch? I downloaded the PDF but things like Cassava, sweet potato and konjac are not there.

Can you give me any idea about RS vs digestible starch in cassava? I already use a lot of konjac. What a wonderful post — but I feel we need even more! The bacteria in the probiotics are starving? Excited to give it a try! Mark, I looked at a few of the studies you revered to and the starch used is high-amylose cornstarch.

My head hurts. Too much info, too many questions… Arghhh. Korean and Japanese — they are short-grain white rice. Get your probiotic and your RS all in one?


Nope, patrick. The RS is what will drive the fermentation. You want that happening in your colon, not in a jar. One more question — how does this need for RS fit into the Grok-lore? They ate a lot of dirty storage organs, roots, tubers, rhizomes, corns, and often raw. You can see videos of Hadza women and girls, for example, going out and digging up roots and tubers and chewing on them dirt and all.

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  • So, RS and soil based organisms all in one. Please, enlighten me! Not everyone can tolerate lots of easily-digestible starches.

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    • All of these involve some sort of processing such as the very common one known as cooking. Why are kale chips more readily accepted than plantain chips? Putting a couple of spoons of PS in a glass of water, use a tiny whisk to stir, glug, glug, stir, glug, stir, glug. If I learned to love sardines and liver, I can down a glass with a slight taste of raw potato and then get on with my life. When I am retired next September YEAHH I might play around with the food more, but cooking and cooling converted rice and keeping it in baggies for individual servings, is about all the extra I will do. But have fun the rest of ya.

      What about sprouted legumes? Likewise for grain, such a teff, in making injera?